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Let’s look at a few main factors. You could even automate some of them by installing a few more plugins. To be honest, depending on what type of website you run, you might only have to complete the above steps a few times.

Let’s look at a few main factors. You could even automate some of them by installing a few more plugins. To be honest, depending on what type of website you run, you might only have to complete the above steps a few times. But if you’re using a custom built theme, then it might be worth hiring someone to examine the code to see if any improvements can be made. Then list your web hosting services you found in the internet. It was found that these two elements had a very significant relationship that eventually affected sales in a business. A study from Gerry McGovern found that 70% of people rely on navigation rather than search when looking for something on a website (because it’s easier and faster to click on available website links). Not only can auditing your content help make your site easier to navigate, it can even help improve its visibility in the search engines and drive more traffic. This is mainly because the simple and clean code behind wordpress makes it easy for the search engines to index your site’s content.

Set automatic expiration times for cache files.

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If you can use a free and simple tool to compress your website’s images, you can save on disk space and increase your page speed, improving your WordPress website’s SEO. Even though the cache is a pretty known and somewhat simple process, some plugins still do it better than others. Set automatic expiration times for cache files. In terms of brand image and user experience, research has showed that 46% of visitors who fail to get through your site due to slow loading times will definitely tell their friends about the same. Upgrading to a more robust, streamlined, and fast loading theme can help improve usability, loading times, and goal conversion rates. Edit on 10. August 2017: We learned a lot about WordPress page speed optimization in the last couple of months so we decided to write the more in-depth article about it. With five quick ways to improve site performance and some more in-depth approaches to consider, you should have lots to be getting on with. In addition to managing browser caching, it also takes care of file compression, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML minification, and also adds a CDN to speed things up even more.

We work on a lot of WordPress sites and our caching plugin of choice is W3 Total Cache (W3TC).

The first things to consider are the complexity of your client’s software stack and the hardware it’s currently running on. If you’re paying bottom dollar for hosting, you can almost always expect slow site speeds, irregular performance, and frequent downtime – all things you shouldn’t have to deal with. If you still want, you can get a Caching plugin for your WordPress site such as the WP Super Cache or the W3 Total Cache plugin. We work on a lot of WordPress sites and our caching plugin of choice is W3 Total Cache (W3TC). If you have already installed WordPress on your site, you can use a free plugin like WP DB Manager to rename the default table prefix. However, switching WordPress themes can be a complicated job so proceed with caution and always take a full backup before getting started. Some WordPress themes can be bloated, badly coded monstrosities that might look good, but are in fact negatively affecting your site’s performance. OPcache is a PHP extension that improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.

  1. Don’t use post and page ids in links
  2. Fully loaded time: 1.16s
  3. Content Width Control
  4. Get Fast Hosting

This typically includes updating older posts, removing duplicated or irrelevant articles, and combining similar content. Carrying out keyword research to ensure there’s a demand for your content ideas. There’s a clear consumer preference for apps, and WooCommerce stores without apps are losing customers to competitors. It’s really just a method for selling my products and fulfill my orders.” And there’s all sorts of ways that we can utilize that in our existing stores to help augment various income and revenue we’re trying to make. This method can be used to manually speed test website files. Clearly, having a website that loads instantaneously is sort of difficult. A report by the Aberdeen Group has showed that having instantaneous website response rate leads to maximum conversion rates. Instead of having these elements as individual scripts, combine them into one single script. One of the most asked questions we get is how to actually track the performance of your plugins and other processes on your website.

Then see what effect they have on your site’s performance. If your website’s architecture is power hungry, for example Ruby, Windows or Java, then you need to find a server with plenty of RAM. Anyhow, the power of WordPress is that it offers a number of plugins that reduce image sizes and optimizes the web page without losing the quality of images. Since the compression is lossless, the image quality remains identical to the source image. Conversely, if you want to run an open source stack such as Ruby On Rails or Apache/php/mysql, you should use a Linux server. Yes the web server has been rated as the best. However, just posting content on the web isn’t enough and attracting people to your site is a part of Internet Marketing technique. This means that for you to have a website that does not hang and loads fast, you need to have a bandwidth wide enough to handle your data. This means that if you use a single-processor server yet you run heavy material on your website, all because you want to cut on costs, you could end up losing on revenue. A good example is the dual Xeon server. Do you remember the example we gave on Apache and IIS being the best in the market?

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Let’s take the example of the personal computer. Perhaps your website copy isn’t doing its job and isn’t persuading your visitors to take action. WordPress CRO tools like Divi Leads and Nelio A/B Testing make it relatively easy to split test your copy. CSS and JS scripts should be consolidated to the maximum possible extent while the PSD to WordPress theme conversion is being carried out by the developer. While you could hire a copywriter or conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert, this is something you can try tackling yourself. If you want to improve user experience and increase your page views, feel free to apply most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to speed up your website and raise WordPress performance. Sure, I know some hardcore SEO types are probably thinking, saying, twittering, placing the h2 tag (in the blog/website title post optimization) before the h1 tag (blog article title) on the page is a little wonky.