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There are also many WordPress plugins like WP Smush – Image Optimization which can automatically optimize images for you. Smush can take care of all your image compression needs, for free!

There are also many WordPress plugins like WP Smush – Image Optimization which can automatically optimize images for you. Smush can take care of all your image compression needs, for free! We want to make sure that our image quality is set as low as possible without destroying the integrity of the image. As mentioned, the best way to build quality backlinks is to write amazing quality content and then guest post on the best blogs in your niche. And the best way to get tweets is to build a loyal following and write killer content that they just love to promote for you. Not only does it get you more traffic, exposure and new relationships, it also counts as a backlink. Some bloggers want to have the same look and feel on two or more related blogs having slightly different types of content. If you take a look at the front page of Google you’ll see that all the results are slightly different and you need to try and cater to that. There’s not anything you will need to install; it is merely a painless download that you need to make.

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200 Points of SEO Ranking Factors Infographic #Infographics Make tutorials or do video posts with your webcam. You might just find a bunch of them come from comments on well ranked blog posts. If you are just getting started with SEO you might know a little about backlinks and why they matter. If you don’t pass that because your site looks too squeaky clean, you might land a Google penalty. WordPress plugins reduce this work allowing the webmaster to concentrate on more important aspects of his site. WordPress is a self-hosted platform that does not require any cost to be charged for downloading, installing and upgrading the software. This affordability is not because of the standard of the quality of the product but due to the low operational and labor cost in India. I recommend you to use quality enriched content for your service page around 1,000 words at least. The anchor text is the words that are used as the link.

It used to be that you’d try to make the anchor text match the keywords that you’re targeting but this has all changed in the last few years as you can read about in this post about guest blogging. Make sure your theme is coded to ensure it’s easily read by those Google spiders that are looking to see whether you have all the elements of a good website included. As I mentioned in my post on SEO secrets you want to now have a big focus on social media for SEO purposes as well as traffic building purposes. Focus to speed (view publisher site) up your website as a website performance optimization strategy! For a long time my SEO strategy consisted of just commenting on other authority blogs. Here’s a blogging strategy that has worked well for me. For example, in the paragraph below you’ll see the words “a blogging strategy” are highlighted as the anchor text for that link.

Take a look at this post and have a guess what key words I was trying to rank for. For most of our clients the goal is to build SEO friendly websites that rank well on Google, as well as look very pleasing to the eye. The idea is to build a relationship with your readers by helping them out. One of the best ones to start with is the All in One SEO Pack which does so many of the nasty little things for you like helping you craft titles, descriptions and so forth. Even a short little post can stave off those hungry little readers… for a little while. Make it easy and as short as possible and never ever use dashes ( – ) in your URL (domain name). He bought some cheap backlinks on a domain name with millions of dollars and got the thing banned from Google.

  • Use Quality Web Hosting
  • [h1] The heading structure for your blog – [h2] 5 basic principles about headings
  • Avoid “hotlinking” by capturing it from your WordPress installation
  • You’re using the ?p=123 permalink structure
  • Get a theme that’s SEO-ready
  • Start Your Email List Right Away
  • Post revisions
  • Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

You don’t want to change the old permalinks because then any backlinks you have will be broken. So again, we do a quick Google search of “mtsnb” and the first result that pops up is in fact, the Notification Bar plugin we have running on our development site. What were Google’s biggest search algorithm updates of 2018? This will mean more sharing and faster results on the SERPS (search engine rankings positions). The more optimized a WordPress site becomes, the faster that site will load which results in a better SEO score being attributed to that site. What makes WordPress so irresistible is that it has this cool plug-ins that are easy to use. Neil Patel (one of my blogging heros) has just written a really cool list about how to use Twitter like a boss. If you operate a WordPress blog, the best way to handle SEO is to grab one of the server’s many plug-in options.

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What Is SEO And Basic Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

Before you start to promote your snappy new blog, write a few more posts. The more content you share from other bloggers the more likely they are to share your stuff. Think of SEO as having two components: the off-site stuff like social media and backlinks and the on-site stuff like optimizing your theme. Think of it as a separate resource for people to tap in to. If your blog is not mobile responsive you will be losing a lot of visitors as Google prioritizes mobile sites for people searching on smartphones. This builds links and traffic from YouTube and does well on mobile devices. Well you are not alone. They are made up of a root and an extension. Write quality content: All these other points are meaningless if your writing is just bad. Click this link in case you don’t know how to find free high quality images for your blog posts. Link recognition becomes possible because you will be building top quality links by hand without using any software. One of the reasons why I emphasized having your landing page ready when you launch so heavily in my previous post is this: when you launch, it’s the one time that newspapers, blogs etc. may link to your site.